The Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of Ireland (AURI) is a public organisation of Ukrainians residing in Ireland.  The AURI was created in July 2008,  the representing body of AURI is the executive committee,  with the chairperson Alexander Yavorskyy.

The Association is a legal entity (registered number 459 369, 01.07.2008) and has Charity status (CHY18402).

The main objective of the organisation is to provide support for the educational and cultural needs of Ukrainians living in the Republic of Ireland, and also, the unifying of Ukrainians and facilitation of their integration into the Irish society.

The priority of the association is the creation and upkeep of the Ukrainian School for children with Ukrainian roots or of Ukrainian origin. The members of the association are actively working on organising cultural events for the Ukrainian community living in Ireland, as well as, for all who are interested in Ukraine and its cultural legacy.

We would welcome volunteers and new member in AURI. Join us!